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Drama – we all have it

As we get older and maybe a bit wiser, we don’t want anymore drama in our lives. I see multiple posts on Facebook attesting to this attitude, you can’t miss it they are there every day.  As we get older we start getting rid of attachments, but that doesn’t mean they go away. 

My premise is that drama is created by circumstances in our lives and the lives of those we care about that cause us pain and concern. Drama is caused by the love we feel for others.  For most of us it’s caused by those we love going through a rough patch in life.  A broken relationship, illness, loss of many kinds.  We can’t help wanting to step in to heal the pain, or fix the situation. It’s the nature of love to give of itself to those around it. 

How we deal with drama is not always logical and clean cut. Love and drama is messy, filled with pain and uncertainty.  As we age our bodies produce more pain, just wear and tear of the lives we have lived, and we just feel we can’t handle anymore.  It’s not that we care less, it’s that we have more of our own pain to deal with so there is less energy to help others. For some, getting involved in other people’s drama helps to distract from a drama in their own lives that they are not ready to face.

Whatever your current stance on the drama in your life or in the lives of others, take the opportunity as a cry for prayer (if you believe in it), consider if you have walked this path in your life, do you have a piece of wisdom that can help, and more importantly, will the people involved listen or just ignore your experience.  If they aren’t ready to listen to a possible solution, don’t give up on them, they are still in the forest of their grief.  Stand by silently, and hold their hand.  It helps just to know someone is there who cares. 

So don’t run away from drama, use it as an opportunity to love someone who needs you. 


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Daily Prompt – Hopeful 

Being hopeful is a kin to faith in that it trusts that there is better out there whether you believe in a higher power or not. It is something we all need as we move into a New Year or a season with a new president . When we loose our hopefulness depression and disappointment is not far away. As a country we are anxious and many have concerns about our new president, remember that there is a Divine all knowing God who is in charge and knows the purpose behind the changes happening in our world. Instead of having a spirit of fear, we need to move forward in faith that someone bigger than us is in charge.

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Daily Prompt – Promises 

My best friend’s favorite Bible verse years ago was Jeremiah 29:11. I know there are many people who love this promise of prosperity. “I know the plans I have for you.” Or, God Knows the Plans He has made for Me!” God’s plans are amazing, filled with abundance and joy, For Us. And the joy that He gets watching us walk through those plans.  How He cheers us on each time we fall/fail. “Get up! We got this!” God doesn’t want us to live destructive, depressed lives, He wants to give us abundant lives filled with Hope and Prosperity. In this season of Holidays let us willingly receive God’s blessing of prosperity. 

For most of my life I have felt that I have been waiting for my life, “the sparkling, abundant, joyful path” that God promises here. I had a taste of this “Promised Land” years ago where I had someone believe in me. 

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Daily Prompt – Construct

We are in a time where many people are wanting to construct a world of peace where the needs of people and the environment are taken care of .  We have all been tossed about by the drama of the US election , and now all eyes have turned to the drama unfolding at Standing Rock .  There is so much uncertainty in the world , so much anger . Until we all, adults and cognitive children, take a step away from our egos and self-centered-ness, we will not attain the world we crave to live in. So, instead of praying just for peace, let us pray that all people come to a place of self -less-ness. Don’t get me wrong, pray for peace, but peace won’t come until attitude changes.

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Daily Prompt – Echo

Okay, we have been talking about relationships in one of my Facebook groups lately. And those of you who have read my blog know that I have made somewhat of a study on relationships, what makes a good or great relationship, and what the Bible has to say about marriage. So, 10 years ago I spent 9 months studying the book of Ephesians and spent quality time on the passage about marriage in chapter 5. That passage starts by admonishing women to submit to their husbands(ya, right. Ain’t happening with me. You choose me you choose fire. A true sharpening of mind.). In a sense, it is telling women to be an echo of their husband’s leadership. To be a reflection, or mirror of him. For me this is a can of worms and questions, especially since I have gotten into mindful living. This is an argument for taking great thought in who we allow in a place of authority. This is a reason to truly know the person you intend to spend time with whether as a deep friendship, soulmate, or life partner. This is one of the reasons I am thankful for the distance between my soulmate and I. It is creating time to truly know this man, his philosophies, and what moves his heart. It gives me the space to be separate to make my own decisions on these issues, without the physical draw that would be a distraction. If I am going to put myself in a position to echo someone that I have allowed into a place of authority over me, I want to understand and agree with what he projects.

In the beginning of our current time together he corrected my theology, and I jumped down his throat about it. I was not on the same page with him. I was just learning about metaphysics, trying to figure out exactly where he was coming from. To be honest the difference from the man I knew years before and what I was getting now kind of separated my head from my shoulders. But over the last year I have moved a lot closer to where he is spiritually and theologically. Am I an echo of him? Kind of, but many of his ideals are still in the development stage in my mind.

My point here, mainly for the ladies, is this: be mindful about who you allow in your life, and consider all the ramifications to your decision. Guys! Please be someone we will be proud to echo out into the world around us. And ladies – up lift your man. He needs it. Don’t take everything he dishes out as gospel, you have a mind and heart of your own. You may be able to help him see the world or his views from a different angle that will soften him and help him be a better him.

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Daily Prompt – Vigor

Image result for images of strengthThere is no one with greater vigor, strength, boldness, or heart than an empath on a mission. Whether that mission is to help someone heal, wake someone up to something greater that waits to fill their lives, righting the ecology of our fair planet, or speaking out in support of a political view-point. All empaths meet every day with everything they are and everything they have. What we all don’t excel in is taking care of ourselves. We always come last, our needs, wants, and desires are always over looked to the benefit of those we love most. Many of us give to the point were we feel that we don’t matter to those we love because there is no one willing to take time out to get in our faces and say, “Stop!” What we all need is that “partner” that won’t take “no” for an answer, who will take us by the hand, tuck us in bed with soft music playing, take all family, animals and all out away. And tell us, “Don’t get up unless you have to. I will take care of things for a while, you don’t have to. I have this for you.” May the Divine Most Holy God give each of us this person.