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Daily Prompt – Construct

We are in a time where many people are wanting to construct a world of peace where the needs of people and the environment are taken care of .  We have all been tossed about by the drama of the US election , and now all eyes have turned to the drama unfolding at Standing Rock .  There is so much uncertainty in the world , so much anger . Until we all, adults and cognitive children, take a step away from our egos and self-centered-ness, we will not attain the world we crave to live in. So, instead of praying just for peace, let us pray that all people come to a place of self -less-ness. Don’t get me wrong, pray for peace, but peace won’t come until attitude changes.


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Tools or Witchcraft 

I know I haven’t written in some time, but this subject has been on my heart.  For the last year I have been exploring the  ancient healing practices of Reiki, crystals, and meditation.  Many of my dearest friends would and probably have said that I have walked not only off the deep end, but that I have walked away from the God I have served from the day I was born.  I can assure these dear ones that that is not the case.  For the last 10 years or so I have not been fed in the church like I was when I was young. I want the meat behind the Word, I want to truly live, and serve as the God I serve calls me to. I believe that God created all there is, the energy that flows through our bodies and all living things. I believe that God gives us this energy to use in healing, and bringing peace to the world. Reiki, crystals, and meditation are nothing more than tools to accomplish what God has called us to be, and do. God created our bodies with energy centers that assist the body in its daily function.  When those centers are out of balance they need to be brought back to the balance God intended.  Reiki and crystal healing use non-chemical energy to bring that about. 

One of the major problems for people today is the incredible amount of stress and depression that consumes not only our emotions, but affects our bodies and relationships in an adverse way. The Holy Scripture tells us time and again that we should meditate on His Word, allow it to become ingrained in our very being.  We are to know ourselves and those close to us. Meditation allows lessons to be assimilated completely, which helps us to react to a situation in love and self-control, without having to think about it.  It becomes an automatic action to what is before us. Meditation helps us to ground and center ourselves in the truth, to know ourselves, and honestly confront what we need to change. 

Allowing these practices I’m my life have helped me become healthier both physically and emotionally.  My soulmate, and best friend of my heart has brought all of this to my life and I thank God that He loved me enough to bring this loving man back into my life.  God wants His people to live abundantly, with joy and a light heart. Not in depression, need, and want. We are not truly useful if we are struggling every minute of our lives to just keep it together and and only desiring an end to our pain. 

Be a good Girl Scout and use your tools and resources wisely. 

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Daily Prompt – Surface 

With all the hype about this year’s presidential election, we all need to take a serious look beneath the surface of what the candidates and the media are showing us. I’ve been spending a lot of time looking at the candidates, and it will probably take the rest of the summer to weed through everything to make my decision.  So far, in my opinion, we have a guy who woke up one morning and decided to run for president, a woman who wouldn’t know integrity if it bit her, and a seasoned politician who knows how to get things done in Washington.  America has some serious issues and problems, and the one person who might make things better is running against total corruption.  If there was ever a time for Divine intervention in America, that time is now. Whether you believe in God or not, if you believe in a higher power, pray! 

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Daily Prompt – Maybe 

Following on the challenge I received last Sunday night, I am thinking it is time to take a closer more serious look at my country, state, and local governments.  What really are the issues that need to be addressed? How will the candidates deal with the issues, and how will their solutions directly affect my life and the people who live in my country?  How will their solutions affect the planet?  Take these questions and thoughts through your day, and take the time to look closely at the candidates, and pray that in November the candidate with the most integrity and ability is granted the privilege of running our country. 

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Daily Prompt – Joke 2

Do you remember when you were a kid and you got a scrape or a cut?  What did you do? If you were anything like me you went straight to your mom crying and wanting relief. So, what happened then? If your mom was anything like mine, it got cleaned out with hydrogen peroxide. It didn’t hurt, but it was kind of weird watching the yucky stuff bubble out of the wound, and each time it was applied less and less bubbled up. It would be clean and you would get a band-aid to keep it clean. Well, it went that way for me until I couldn’t leave the scab alone. It seemed as soon as it scabbed over I’d be picking at it. I tried not to but it just begged to be picked. And it did cause a scar. But each time it was re-introduced to the peroxide again. But you know it always healed and each time I picked the scab the pressure from inside would decrease as the blood was allowed to flow and the wound was cleaned.

Now, I’m a grandmother and nothing has changed except that I have added picking at emotional wounds in addition to not keeping my hands off the my physical scabs. But that’s not all. It seems I can’t resist helping my friends with picking at their emotional wounds and seeing them healed as well. Being there to help clean away the yucky emotional bubbles that come up when the pressure is relieved from under the emotional scab. This is no joke, if I think in my own small mind that my friend is hurting under the pressure of a scabbed over emotional wound, I will do all I can to relieve that pressure and help them get all the yuck out. I mean who wants to walk around with all that yuck and emotional infection festering inside them, right?

Anyway, I am writing this as I wait for my soul mate to blow up at me for picking at his scabs. There is a reason for the nick name he used to call me years ago. I have a hard time letting things go. But I keep having a phrase Hagrid uses in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets – “Better out than in.”

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Daily Prompt – Luxury

Up until now I’ve been trying to ignore the US presidential election, but as of last night, I can no longer turn a blind eye to the atrocity that is going on.  We send out our military troops overseas to help countries who have not had the opportunity to have an election, let alone a fair one.  Yet, many of us sit in luxury ignoring the fact that our election system is highly corrupt and is no longer a government elected by the people, let alone for the people.  In years past I have been excited to be a part of the process of electing our government and making decisions that would help our nation be better for the people who live here. I have to say over the past few elections, I have become disillusioned with the candidates, as well as, the process.  When the wealthy and large corporations cancel out my vote for their own agenda, I kind of figure what’s the point.  This year, I can say that I am thoroughly not impressed with the front runners who want to run MY country.  What do we do when the candidate with the most integrity has to fight to stay in the race with people who obviously are only serving their own interests and not the benefit of the whole country.  What does it say of America when people who are defending, and trying to bring integrity into the election have to fear for their lives?  If we are to have a fair and honest election, we don’t have the luxury to wait until after the election to demand change.  If you are sick and tired of the status quo, STAND UP, be counted tell everyone you know that change should come to America and DEMAND A FAIR ELECTION THROUGH OUT AMERICA.