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Daily Prompt – Blanket 

Why is it that the more you know, the more you understand, the more we suffer sorrow and grief. I think part of it is that the more we understand and objectively look at the world the more we realize that suffering isn’t necessary. So many things cause suffering, but I think the biggest is greed. If more people were able to overcome greed the more suffering would be a thing of the past. Compassion would become a comforting blanket to the hurting.  


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What God has Shown You

If you believe in God, or a higher power – what has your experience shown you? Faith is a very personal individual experience. It is not and should not be based on what you have learned from someone else. Yes, look at the scriptures your individual faith has, and ask yourself – is this true of my experience? When you listen to someone else teach – has this been proven true for me as well? Psalm 48:3 – God is in her citadels; he has shown himself to be her fortress. Investigate for yourself – what God has shown you.

Lord God, help everyone discover you for themselves who you are. Help them to hear you and not the opinion of someone else who thinks they know better. Amen.

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Daily Prompt – Avid

Read, read, read! All I want to do is read! This is somewhat of a montra for me. Reading has been a much loved pasttime for me since I learned. Taking me to far away places and times. Stories, how tos, philosophy, so much to choose from. Escape, broadening my mind, touching my heart spiritually and emotionally. This love skipped a generation, my kids are not so taken; but, alas, my granddaughter has taken up the thirst for adventure that can only be had with the discovery of the written word. 

For everyone who has this illness I hope it neve r goes away. Be avid readers and pass this desire on to a new generation whenever possible.

Blessings on your ventures.

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Daily Prompt – Harmony 

16Live in harmony with one another. (Romans 12:16)

I believe that harmony is a desire of many people, to live in peace and harmony with those around them. How do we attain this harmony? Is harmony an attitude like gratitude or is it something that happens like magic in rare moments? 

There is a way to achieve harmony, but to attain true harmony we have to look at ourselves, our personal, and extended worlds. True harmony is the ability to bring all things together to work for a common goal or a common good.  Like a musical chord that takes different notes and joins them together to make a single voice, so is harmony. 

Many years ago I was in a Sunday School class where our group premise was that “you can’t help someone until you help/heal yourself.” This is true for living a life of harmony as well.  Until you bring all yourself into harmony you can’t bring harmony to what is around you, whether that be for your family or beyond. 

So, how do we get the orchestra that is our body, mind, soul, and spirit to work together and in harmony? We must look within. Take care of all the facets of our lives. 

As for my last question, is harmony an attitude or magic? I think that harmony is both. It is a decision to make your life balanced and healthy; and, when all things come together in balanced harmony it feels like magic, giving great joy. It is these moments that we show those around us that harmony is possible. 

May Harmony fill your days.



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Drama – we all have it

As we get older and maybe a bit wiser, we don’t want anymore drama in our lives. I see multiple posts on Facebook attesting to this attitude, you can’t miss it they are there every day.  As we get older we start getting rid of attachments, but that doesn’t mean they go away. 

My premise is that drama is created by circumstances in our lives and the lives of those we care about that cause us pain and concern. Drama is caused by the love we feel for others.  For most of us it’s caused by those we love going through a rough patch in life.  A broken relationship, illness, loss of many kinds.  We can’t help wanting to step in to heal the pain, or fix the situation. It’s the nature of love to give of itself to those around it. 

How we deal with drama is not always logical and clean cut. Love and drama is messy, filled with pain and uncertainty.  As we age our bodies produce more pain, just wear and tear of the lives we have lived, and we just feel we can’t handle anymore.  It’s not that we care less, it’s that we have more of our own pain to deal with so there is less energy to help others. For some, getting involved in other people’s drama helps to distract from a drama in their own lives that they are not ready to face.

Whatever your current stance on the drama in your life or in the lives of others, take the opportunity as a cry for prayer (if you believe in it), consider if you have walked this path in your life, do you have a piece of wisdom that can help, and more importantly, will the people involved listen or just ignore your experience.  If they aren’t ready to listen to a possible solution, don’t give up on them, they are still in the forest of their grief.  Stand by silently, and hold their hand.  It helps just to know someone is there who cares. 

So don’t run away from drama, use it as an opportunity to love someone who needs you.