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Daily Prompt – Obsessed/Reach

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The little boy sat there  and stared. He had been sitting there for the last hour looking at the ball stuck up on the highest shelf. It was way too far away, and he wanted really bad. It was up there because he’d thrown it up there last night before bed. He was having fun throwing it in the air and sometimes hitting the ceiling, but the last time it hit the ceiling fan and it got stuck in a place he couldn’t get to. Mommy, Daddy, and Grandma were still in bed and Sissy was busy coloring and ignoring him. So, he sat there thinking in his 2 year old mind, how and what could he use to reach the ball that was his current obsession. Suddenly, he jumped up, he had an idea, now if he could get a chair from the kitchen without Sissy calling up an alarm waking everyone up. He looked at his sister, yup, she was still ignoring him. He grabbed the nearest chair and started pulling it toward the shelf. When he got it there he checked on his sister again, still nothing. Running back to the chair he scrambled up and reached out his finger tips touched the ball. Amazingly, careful for a 2 year old, he got his hands around the ball and suddenly it came free. In the next minute he was back to throwing his ball up in the air laughing loudly waking up the house. 


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