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Daily Prompt – Luxury

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Up until now I’ve been trying to ignore the US presidential election, but as of last night, I can no longer turn a blind eye to the atrocity that is going on.  We send out our military troops overseas to help countries who have not had the opportunity to have an election, let alone a fair one.  Yet, many of us sit in luxury ignoring the fact that our election system is highly corrupt and is no longer a government elected by the people, let alone for the people.  In years past I have been excited to be a part of the process of electing our government and making decisions that would help our nation be better for the people who live here. I have to say over the past few elections, I have become disillusioned with the candidates, as well as, the process.  When the wealthy and large corporations cancel out my vote for their own agenda, I kind of figure what’s the point.  This year, I can say that I am thoroughly not impressed with the front runners who want to run MY country.  What do we do when the candidate with the most integrity has to fight to stay in the race with people who obviously are only serving their own interests and not the benefit of the whole country.  What does it say of America when people who are defending, and trying to bring integrity into the election have to fear for their lives?  If we are to have a fair and honest election, we don’t have the luxury to wait until after the election to demand change.  If you are sick and tired of the status quo, STAND UP, be counted tell everyone you know that change should come to America and DEMAND A FAIR ELECTION THROUGH OUT AMERICA. 


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