Faith, Hope, & Love

Life, faith, surviving depression, Soulmates, relationships

Journey to Love 

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Leesa stood at the pinnacle of a tall mountain looking out at what lay ahead.  It was daunting, the valley was far below, and the object of her journey a distant future dream.  She could see the love of her life on the mountain in the distance waiting for her, but not alone.  It wasn’t just the distance that kept them apart, there were other things in the way. Attitudes and beliefs inside both of them that needed to changing or softening. The obstacles in the valley would bring those out into the open so their power could be deflated, and healing could take place.  Leesa had a couple of friends traveling with her, shoulders to cry on, friends to help her untangle the puzzles of what she believed about herself, her life up till now, and her religious faith.  These were all important to deal with because her love had changed, he was so different from the man she once knew. She wasn’t blindly in love with him anymore, how could she be with everything that she had been through.  Leesa turned around and took a long look at how far she had come from the beginning of her journey, and it was amazing.  Most of it was shadows and darkness, but there were places of joy, places of peace, places of renewal.  Turning back to the road ahead she could see that there were similar places in the valley ahead of her.  Somehow, she gathered what courage and strength she had and started down to the valley path.


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