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Daily Prompt – Craving

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“Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart.” Psalm 37:4

So, forgive me for not having a disertation with the original word meanings like I normally would. I am writing this on the bus heading home from work. I do want to look at two words here – delight and desire. 

First, let’s look at delight.  To me, this means to find profound and abundant joy. The verse says we should have this great joy directed to the Lord.  But as I meditate on this I am convicted that recently I really haven’t been delighting in the Lord, I have been delighting in the focus of my heart’s desire.  With this conviction comes the an awakening, the realization that I can change my attitude and create a new delight in the Lord that can be greater than what came before. 

Now, the desires of the heart can vary as our souls grow in greater understanding.  When I was young my greatest desire was to be married, and have a family. To be important to someone else, that my being here mattered.  Today, some of that has changed.  I still want to be important to someone else, and to matter; but, I really don’t desire marriage.  My heart’s desire is to not be alone, which in a sense I’m not, but I do want that special person in my life who fits me.  Who is different, helps me grow in all the areas of my life, and fills that deep need for a physical touch. 

So, here’s my plan, the Lord knows this deep craving I have for the man who truly fits me and my crazy wild world.  He created me with this desire, and I believe that any desire He gives us, He is willing to fill. I just need to delight in Him and rest in His unlimited power, and love for me, and the other person.  And Delight in Him with my whole heart. 


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