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Daily Prompt – Apology

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An apology can be many different things, mostly we think it is to say sorry for doing, or saying something wrong or hurtful. But it can also be a defense for a system of belief, political, or personal option. It can also be an adjective for a sorry looking item. Whichever, position it takes it is a powerful investment in words, and attitude of the heart. When we apologize for bad behavior toward someone, if it is truly meant from the heart, there is an attitude of repentance behind it to say we will try to never do that again. When using it as a defense it is a well thought out reason for why a person believes what they do about the position they have taken. I like to think that the adjective describes a disastrous end to a project with good intentions. What ever reason you are using an apology for make sure it comes from the heart and is fully felt by you and your audience.



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