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Daily Prompt – Punishment

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Jill had lived the last few years in a private hell of her own making. All the memories and abuse from life had led her there. It was dark, cold, and damp in her private cell. But the cell was only in her mind. Jill had allowed others to make decisions for her, decisions that had made this trap into a prison. “Today is a new day, and things are going to change!” Jill said to herself. She had determined that today was the day that she would stand up for herself, this was her life and not someone else’s. She was going to walk out into the sun and shout for joy! No more darkness, no more cold, and she was going to move some place new and start over. Someone had asked her a few weeks ago why she punished herself, and what made her think she deserved it. She had walked away quietly crying to herself. Later that night she asked herself “why,” and took a look deep inside herself looking for the answer to that question. Looking closely there wasn’t a reason. She hadn’t done anything that required any kind of punishment, let alone deserving of the jail cell she had built and lived in. She found a magic inside herself pulling the bright energy from the sun outside the small window at the top of her wall. All that energy came to live inside her changing her and helping her to break free of her prison. She had just enough energy built up to blast her way out. With a joy she didn’t know was possible the wall crumbled and she walked out and was greeted by the small group of people who had been praying for this day for many years. Tears of joy and laughter greeted her as she began her new life in the sun.


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