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The Power of the Cross 

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I think that many people miss the true power of the Cross of Christ. Yes, it is the power of complete redemption from sin, but the real power behind it is love.  Unconditional, complete love of the Creator.  Love that sacrifices itself for the object of its affection, us. 

We all think love is easy, glorious, the fairy tale romance, but at its core love is a strength beyond compare. Loves ability to give true life and freedom is its beauty.  Love can resurrect the damaged and restore the object of its affection. 

But on the other hand, love doesn’t settle for second best. Love does what it must to make true miracles happen.  I think that this is what Jesus meant when he said that his followers would do greater things when they finally understood that the real power of what he did was love and not just obedience to the Father. 

Last night I broke up with the one man I love like this. We reconnected after many years of being a part almost a year ago.  Unfortunately, timing is not always perfect even for love, and he loves someone else.  Let me say this very clearly, you cannot have two loves in your life.  Both relationships suffer when that is the case.  If you ever find yourself in this situation ask yourself a couple of questions.  First, do you love yourself enough to not settle, and do you love the other person enough to sacrifice yourself so that they can have something better?  It’s not fun, and it is the worst feeling ever. The morning after aches. But the strength of love makes it full of joy and peace. 

I love you Mark. 


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